The Kral Puncher air rifle series have been a massive hit since its release.The high quality Turkish walnut stock offers a traditional finish.The rifle has a 280cc cylinder giving around 125 shots per fill.The action is based around a side lever which allows for smooth and reliable reloading again and again. This side lever loads pellets from a multishot magazine into a rifled steel barrel which has been carefully picked to assure the best in accuracy and consistency. The end of this barrel is fitted with a muzzle break for great looks and a reduced muzzle report.Under the muzzle break the barrel has been screw cut 1/2" unf to allow fitting of a silencer.To further enhance your shooting experience, a two stage trigger and power adjuster are fitted to make this a feature packed rifle.
 Please Note:Available in F.A.C upon Request.


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  • Power: 11.5 ft/lbs
  • Stock: Sporter
  • Type: PCP
  • Brand: Kral
  • Material: Walnut
  • Capacity: 14
  • Thread: 1/2" UNF
  • Calibre: .177
  • Length: 950mm